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Why Choice?

Choice. The right partner for your success.


For almost two decades, Choice has helped companies with some of the most challenging and critical tasks associated with having employees. After hearing from our clients, time and again, that we offer them the best service in the market, we feel confident that we can make you feel that way, too.


But what is it that sets us apart? We think there are a couple of things.


Some employee administration services turn their clients into a number, an anonymous client account.


Each time you call, you hear a new, unfamiliar voice belonging to someone who has no clue who you are, what you do, and what challenges you face.


At Choice, we build business relationships that last over years. The person you spoke with last week is the person you will speak with today. And, if they can’t help you, you’ll speak with a principal of the company who can take care of you. And now.


We know you. We know your employees. We know the special way you like to have your issues handled. These things matter to us because we know they matter to you.


Frankly, we believe that the thing that sets us apart from other companies who provide comparable services is not what we do, but how we do it.


The principals of Choice come with extensive experience from the world of national employee administration service providers. But we also have decades of first-hand knowledge related to the world of small and medium-sized businesses.


We think these dual perspectives make us better able to meet and relate to your needs.


But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Choice.


“I recommend your company to anyone who asks, and always give the cold shoulder to your competitors who try to gain me as a customer. Every time I have needed advice or consultation or just had a question, I have been responded to in a timely manner. I really appreciate the family environment your company brings to your clients. I hope to grow my business along with yours in the future because you keep me focused on running my business, not my employee issues. I am glad I found your company.”
Client since 2004


“The constant attention and up-to-date knowledge of state and federal requirements and HR management allows our company to be confident that we are staying in compliance with all taxes, laws and procedures. You cut our stress level in half. We are grateful for your company’s high integrity and commitment to quality service. Thank you Choice for allowing us to be able to focus on our business because you are so great at yours.”
Client since 2002


Contact us today and we will be glad to provide client references with whom you can speak personally.