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Choice. We're in business to help your business.


You didn't go into business to be an employer.

None of the many tasks or competencies that are required to manage your employees make you money or help you succeed in building your business. In fact, they can cost you valuable time, and manpower. Not to mention the stress and uncertainty they can create.


Successful leaders know to focus on what they do well, by turning over non-core functions to a specialist.


Let Choice Handle the complex world of Employee Administration.

Employment law and compliance experts agree that there has never been a more changing and challenging environment for managing employees than today. These changes relate to payroll, taxation, HR law and compliance, benefits…virtually every aspect of the employer-employee relationship.


At Choice, we spend every day in this arena. We track the changes. We assist our clients in getting, or staying, in compliance. We work with your existing HR team, providing products and services they don’t need to duplicate or master. Or, we can become your HR team. Either way, we work seamlessly with your organization to allow you to focus on your success.


We stand by you.