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Risk Management

Protecting you and your team

Choice. Providing peace of mind.

Taking care of you and your employees.
At Choice, our clients represent a wide variety of industries, professions and trades. Each has unique challenges and risks. But one thing is true in every case: Your team-members are counting on you.


Because it’s the law, and because it’s the right thing to do – you want to keep them safe and protected. But, in the event of a work-related injury, you also want them cared for capably and quickly, and in a way that limits loss to them or to you. Choice can help you in this, through its many risk management resources and partners.


Workers' Compensation Insurance

Choice will help you find the right policy, or help you manage the one you already have in place. We work with a variety of insurance markets to find you the right coverage. For many of our clients, we are able to provide them with coverage that:

  • Provides competitive premiums
  • Is paid on a pay-as-you-go basis, as you run your payroll through Choice
  • Reduces or removes any up-front deposit requirements
  • Removes any large year-end audit surprises


Additionally, Choice can provide:

  • Administration of premium payments and yearly audits on plans requiring them
  • Workers’ Compensation Certificates of Insurance
  • Assistance with submission of First Reports of Injury
  • Monitoring of Claims
  • Assistance with Early Return-to-Work and Modified Duty programs