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Paying your team

Accurately, conveniently, responsively

Choice. Payroll done right.


It doesn't have to be so hard.

Many of our clients have come to us after attempting to process their payroll themselves, or after utilizing the services of one of the “big boys”, the national payroll providers. In either case, when they come to Choice, they frequently express a sense of relief.


With Choice, they remove the headache of handling the many issues and requirements themselves. Or, they free themselves from the poor service, inflexible policies and hidden costs that come with the giants who treat you as a faceless number.


We don’t feel you have to struggle with going it alone, or with trying to fit into someone’s “one size fits all” service. With Choice you receive personalized and individualized attention.


With Choice, we do it all. But we do it in a way that works for you.

We can provide you with:

  • Accurate, timely payroll processing, reports and delivery
  • A range of options for payroll reporting: online, email, fax or phone reporting
  • Online approval of payroll prior to posting, when reporting payroll online
  • Interface with most time and attendance systems
  • Correct management, filing and submission of employee’s withholdings and employer payroll taxes
  • Payment by various means: Checks, Direct Deposit or Pay Cards
  • Helpful reporting, including job costing of labor expenses
  • Notification of funding needed to cover all payroll and tax liabilities
  • Administration of payroll deductions including garnishments, child support or tax levies
  • Certified Payroll reporting
  • PTO/Vacation Time accrual and tracking
  • Mandated New Hire reporting
  • Production of W2s and 1099s


You can go paperless.

We have clients who never see a piece of paper from us. Their employees are paid by direct deposit, and they view their pay stubs online through a secure Employee Self-Service portal. The client receives all of their reporting through the secure Manager Self-Service web portal.


No more file drawers stuffed with paper. Everything is easily stored in a clutter-free digital format that can be viewed and printed out, if that’s ever needed.


With Paperless Payroll:

  • You avoid delivery fees and delivery delays
  • Employees access digital check stubs
  • Clients receive digital reports
  • 100% Direct Deposit
  • Quicker payroll turnaround


Talk with Choice. We’ll see if Paperless Payroll is the way for you to go.