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New Business Strategy

Choice. Get started on the right foot.


Let us be your first call.
You’ve got a dream. You’ve got a plan. You’ve got everything you need to succeed. Well, almost.


Maybe you’ve looked at the long list of organizational steps, bureaucratic regulations and the alphabet-soup of governmental agencies you have to interface with, and you wonder where to start.


Perhaps your first call should be to Choice. We offer free consultations to start-up companies. Frequently we are called by a new business-person because a friend or colleague has told them that Choice helped them figure out how to get started on their journey to running their own business.


And we’re glad to help. We get excited helping people succeed.


If you call us, we’ll take time to learn about your dream and help you figure out the first steps on your journey there.
Of course, we hope that you’ll choose to partner with Choice when it comes time to start building your team, and that you’ll let us help you with the tasks associated with having employees.


But there’s no obligation, so give us a call.